blue is the color

of my sadness

not robin’s egg blue

too bright

too cheery

not navy blue

too flat

too traditional

i picture my blueness

a swirling cloud

of midnight blue

streaks of silver


on the outer edges

moving like a slowly

rotating constellation

through my head


it rains indoors

only over my chair

a purple rain

the drops large




slicking my skin


on my eyelashes


my clothes

the color puddles

beneath me

like leftover dye

from easter eggs

where is my paintbrush

a canvas

when I need them?

4 thoughts on “Painting

  1. I love this, the swirl of colors like the swirl of words and emotions in our minds. The colors trying not to keep their uniqueness so it does not become one big blur. HA! just thought the 3 stages….separate with boarders…… intermingling and tingling feeling all the uniqueness …… then the blur.

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