9 thoughts on “Missed Subway Stop

      1. ON the flip side, you write more than most, more often than most, despite having a very busy life (I have NO idea how you achieve all those things simultaneously it is possible you are not from this planet) so on those RARE days you write less you are still – always – ever – more – brilliantly – writing.

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      2. With everything you have been going through lately I don’t blame you. You are such a firehouse of creativity and hard work and physical health issues and worry can act as a rain cloud to even the most vigorous fire maker. I suspect you are a girl who never took no for an answer, and always clawed your way to doing more than anyone ever expected possible, hence your prodigious abilities, but that means you are especially hard on yourself when you do not feel well. All I can hope is you feel better sooner than later, and that in the meantime you do not ever turn on yourself because none of this is your doing.

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      3. I know that feeling. I can truly say I do. It is a god-awful feeling. I wish you days AWAY from that feeling as much as possible, nobody can imagine how bad it feels to feel that way until they have. (tight hug)

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      4. Thank you love. It is its own form of hell and my will to exit can get dangerously thin on days like that. Thus the explosion of poetry last night trying to process the feelings. The sad thing is, I am always my own worst enemy.

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