Writing Prompt Challenge Submission: Shattered Horizons/Aurora Phoenix

Writing Prompt: “The horizon breaks to pieces and the mainline is the twilight”

The submissions for my writing prompt challenge were really innovative and interpreted the prompt in very different and very cool ways.  My guest judges and I plan on announcing a winner within the next ten days but in the meantime, please enjoy these interpretations.  I have included the links to their blogs below so you can enjoy more of their fabulous writing.

In a boundary-less universe

the quest for ecstasy


sanity and reality


Titanic voyage cruises

toward ephemeral bliss

hide and seeking verisimilitude

beyond shifting horizon


Siren-call lures

in elusive promise

enchantment everlasting

hiding fatal undertow


The seeking is a tunnel

express and lightless

mainlining speed and frenzy

delirium inside-outed


Ticket to adventure

non-stop one-way trip

derails just past oblivion

conductor bleary-eyed


Rocket launches heavenward

fueled on fleeting fantasy

euphoria scorches

in the afterburn


Shuttle is a boomerang

pleasure-seeking missile

imploding on contact

breaks self to pieces


Pursuit a dead-heat

pell-mell sprint

for the rapture

ruptures blistered soles


Marathon a misbegotten

death-march compelled

by ruthless tyrant

cleverly disguised


Carefree road trip

jaunty and spontaneous

piled-in chaotic

journey toward joy


Lost and trail weary

map misplaced or misprinted

all tanks empty

seven miles past Styx


The search is a limitless

spirit chase, wasted

Polaroids of mist

faint-moaning in the gloaming


Floating in suspended animation

drifting between Seraphim

nirvana bound,

cruelly grounded by Lucifer


Evanescent odyssey

defying temporal bonds

transcending constraints

peaks in rhapsody


DeLorean travel

mythical sojourn

Mephistopholes driven

catastrophically crashes and burns


Eternity beckons in mockery

humanity falls spellbound

the horizon breaks to pieces

and the mainline is the twilight

Aurora Phoenix  is the writer behind Insights from “Inside”

11 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Challenge Submission: Shattered Horizons/Aurora Phoenix

  1. Aurora, love all the images of journey and travel and the cultural allusions – something that includes Back to the Future to Mephistopheles and thus The Police has to be inherently brilliant, right? The sounds and images are fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

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