Writing Prompt Challenge Submission: Swimming in Pathos/S Francis

Writing Prompt: “The horizon breaks to pieces and the mainline is the twilight”

The submissions for my writing prompt challenge were really innovative and interpreted the prompt in very different and very cool ways.  My guest judges and I plan on announcing a winner within the next ten days but in the meantime, please enjoy these interpretations.  I have included the links to their blogs below so you can enjoy more of their fabulous writing.

She lays her body down along the sand, interrupting the horizon

With her soft waves that break me to pieces, I want to ride them

To shore

From depths where I drown my body looking for relief

From desire

From want of stillness in the chaos of screams

From greed

From ambition where I drown meaning of my words

From lusts who aimlessly dance about in the surf

Like Aphrodites threatening me with their births


This one, though, stood naked and formed, heralded by angels

Hovering about the clamshell she rode, herself a mainline

To shore

She invites me to collect my pieces, casting out her fishing net

Like a prophet.

One by one, I stab them with calculated thrusts of my spear

Putting each piece back together in webbing spun from the silk

Of her hair: my mind, my heart, my spirit, my body, my soul.

At first they flop about like temperamental children wanting attention

Until twilight when I lie naked before her asking to be healed.

S Francis is the writer behind SailorPoet


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