Writing Prompt Challenge Submission: The Magician In The Square/Bipolar by Cola

Writing Prompt: “The horizon breaks to pieces and the mainline is the twilight”

The submissions for my writing prompt challenge were really innovative and interpreted the prompt in very different and very cool ways.  My guest judges and I plan on announcing a winner within the next ten days but in the meantime, please enjoy these interpretations.  I have included the links to their blogs below so you can enjoy more of their fabulous writing.

The horizon breaks to pieces,
As I cast the last rune on the throw,
it warns of danger and enemies,
And of rives of blood that may flow.

In day I travel on the metro,
surrounded by ghosts of those that once lived,
I walk past armed guards and they stare as I go,
the clean ups been good, for all the good they have with.

I break out in to the main square,
surrounded by thousands and their placards,
a rowdy mob trying get their say,
but in my heart I feel like it’s a façade.

I can’t stand this madness anymore.
And return from the crowds fight,
at least I showed my face for the camera,
and the mainline home is in the twilight.

D March 2017

Bipolar by Cola is the writing home of D


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