Gorgeous poetry from my dear friend Olde Punk

RamJet Poetry


The verdant L shape

of lonely

imbued with a hazy

heart of ache

criss-cross applesauce

demure in the

aftermath of sorrow


shout it out loud

indelible paint

splattered on the walls

of my empty pocket soul

In the remaining of light

the reminder’ssilhouette

is a dark beauty

bend my will

and contort to form

the verdant L shape

of lonely

tattooed with 50 words

for mistake

when the adhesion

fails to take

what is a lonely to do

I beseech you

to mend my truth

I have lost the togethers

apart from the forevers

and settled into

all of the nevers

quintessence is the

oneness I have

become in my


where no sun shines

following lazy brooks

of babbling nonsense

down into the valleys of


I ran despair through

my hair

and swallowed the condemnation

Nomad in shadowed mountains

I barter with the


for pain and…

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