My body, your oppression, our society

Meet Ellen Sheehan. Her voice deserves an audience.

Unspoken But Definitely Felt

I woke up at 6:30am.

I had and always will be the girl, who thrives off the idea of beauty. Who loves the idealism behind makeup and fashion. Of course as little girls we have always been taught ‘the pursuit of perfection, is a contraction, we, as human beings are imperfect’.  Yet show me a magazine that hasn’t thought me to “love myself”on page 3 thanks to a celebrities cellulite, and “change myself” on page 5  thanks to a new diet and fitness plan followed by that same celebrity.

I am not here to write about the problematics of modern day beauty culture. Because frankly, we will never like ourselves with the help of 100 pages, a glossy cover, and photoshop.

I am writing about what happened to me, what has happened to you, and what will happen to at least 1000 girls all over Ireland today.

‘Today I am…

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