First Day Of Class (revisited)

Back in the classroom after many years

clearly the oldest person in the room

although not the only one over 22, thank god

that would really suck

The last thing I want is the nickname “Mom”

(shit, they wouldn’t call me “Grandma”, would they?!  I have got to be too cool for Grandma)

I am pretty certain that the young man in the corner

is autistic or has asperger’s syndrome

Many years as therapist behind me

but my “spidey sense” still attuned to the anxiety disorders

angst and mood disorders swirling around this room

I am the only one brave or stupid enough

to cite my depression as something that impacts our writing

There is an odd mix of science majors and

english majors and creative writing types in the room

a jumble of social awkwardness and collegiate cool

I am intrigued with the older guy covered in

tatts who has used the word “truth” several times

mentions a colorful past including biker gangs

a potential ally perhaps

as well as the 30-something woman next to me

who is interested in feminist trauma writing

This is the first creative writing class

that I have ever taken

I was a women’s studies and politics major back  in college before women’s studies became gender studies

back when dinosaurs roamed the earth

I am full of excitement


and equal parts insecurity


Do I belong here?

Is my  voice worthy?

My writing compelling enough?

My feedback valuable enough to contribute in this rarefied atmosphere?

Sebastion, the professor, young enough to be my son

has reassured us that we will not need to be slaves to convention here

there will be room for my stream of consciousness poetry and prose that has little respect for punctuation



I look around at my youthful classmates and realize somewhat ironically

that I have already lived more lifetimes than the amount of writing classes

most of them have under their belts

I have run away from more places

than they have likely ever been

Should be an interesting semester. . .


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “First Day Of Class (revisited)

    1. That is a very kind thing to say. I started the class back in January and the feedback has been very helpful. It also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try new writing styles like the autobiographic haikus and the 10 object poems. I’ve really enjoyed the class. Even if it does make me feel old!


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