Unleash the dragon

I was reminded today that there are those

who read the label “Survivor”

and instead only see

only hear


Who will deem me “damaged”

incapable of a “normal” life

There are days

I struggle

There are nights

I bleed

the wolves howl at my door

and I am sure that I can be hard to love

but it is an insult

a mistake

to tell me that I will only ever be my brokenness

when it is my steel

my grit

my ridiculous stubbornness and pride

that has carried me so far

I am a survivor

Forged in the fires of hell

I am a survivor

Tempered in the oceans of tears

I am a survivor

Who emerged a dragon

And I am fierce


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


    • This is a response piece to another WordPress blog post that really brought me to my knees last night. Someone asked what was worse: a child molester or a child killer. Many of the responses insinuated that it would better for the child to die than live as a survivor because of the permanent damage wrought. That no matter how “normal” someone would look, they would never be “normal.” I did respond directly on the post but it stayed under my skin, needling me, triggering me. This was an attempt to get some of this out of my system.

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      • Much to my surprise, the author is apparently a survivor as well. The image alone was- – difficult. I have other WordPress friends who are survivors and I didn’t even want to try to ask them if I was overreacting because I didn’t want to trigger them. Here is the link– please remember that I don’t need rescuing but I would appreciate a second opinion about whether I was being oversensitive. https://kaitkingthewriter.wordpress.com/2017/04/17/is-a-child-molester-worse-than-a-child-killer/

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      • I did not read through all the comments, but I respect your reaction and your comment. Have you read the book A Little Life? It was a very difficult read, but very, very powerful and good. I do not have personal experience to draw upon, but as a father, I would say that I would be heartbroken for my children in either circumstance. I believe that you have done much more than become the walking dead, you are finding and using your voice, and that is powerful to me, even if I am not part of the survivor audience – it helps me understand compassion and also teaches me the power and value of listening. It also has taught me the importance of just helping others find a safe place to speak where maybe they couldn’t before.

        Plus, I am glad you are my friend.

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      • I have not read the book but I read The Lovely Bones twice– once when when I was a new parent and again more recently and it was a completely different emotional experience as the parent of teenagers. Thank you for always being willing to listen, and more importantly for being willing to hear and to learn. I realize that of course my experiences have changed me but would I have developed such a strong sense of empathy and desire to help others if my past was not my past? It doesn’t justify my past but I have made peace with who I have become and I feel that I have control over what I put out into the world.

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