11 thoughts on “Lies

      1. Your work ALWAYS resonates. I don’t think I have ever read something you wrote and thought either BLAH or WHATEVER and believe me I can be a bitch and think that of some things I read I admit it. So that means you penetrate beneath the skin, in fact that’s a good way of describing how I feel when I read you. If I had to say what I admired most in a person it would be their ability to tell the truth. So then, that explains why I feel drawn to you and close to you, because you are a truth teller. Hell you are a truth. So few are. Most people just practice lying. You think you do, maybe you do sometimes but you are so much more than a lie – I see that.

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      2. I think you will appreciate this. I recently had a couple pieces published in felan. Feeling emboldened, I submitted a couple of pieces for their next issue on Attraction. Then I looked at the issue after that which is focused on boredom. I couldn’t think of one piece I have ever written on boredom and had no inclination to write about boredom!

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