The word reverberates in my mind

I’m not really offended about being called strident

I’ve been called worse

Believe me

Bitch and I are old, old friends

Fucking dyke doesn’t even raise my eyebrow anymore

My grandmother used to call me hard-headed with affection

At least

I think that was affection

Strong Personality

Came up once or twice in grad school

Well, maybe more than once or twice

I guess my classmates didn’t know many women’s college graduates

I just think its fascinating that the English language

Contains a derogatory word

Used almost exclusively

To refer women who loudly tell their truth


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


  1. I need a new word. A new word for BRILLIANT!
    YES!!!!!!! to this x 10000000
    You are right and especially toward women
    I’d take it as a compliment but I also know many times ‘complimentary’ words are double-edged swords
    many times when we are told we are strong it’s an insult
    I suppose that’s where we learn how we are going to take it – easier said than done of course
    I would never be called strident, to me, without benefit of dictionary it sums up a certain methodical mind I don’t possess
    On a humor-side, I am NEVER called Dyke and often wanted to be! Even gay women don’t think I’m gay because they say I’m too pretty to be gay, don’t they realize how insulting that is to gays?

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  2. One day I hope we will toss aside dictionaries and big words and just say:

    “You’re an amazing person and you’re not afraid to speak your mind and that’s something that I find extremely attractive in people. You have a massive amount of my respect and I hope you continue to demand that from others.”

    Yeah, I think that works. Maybe?

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    1. I think that would be awesome Eric. And I am so there with you. I have a feeling that I frequently defy social convention by so often saying exactly what I think rather than what is traditional or viewed as “polite” I respect when people are real with me. Life is too short for not saying, “you knock my socks off.”

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