Umm, so hey. I’m Dom…

An important new voice for you to be listening to. Welcome Dom– so glad you found Brave and Reckless.

Dom The Blogger

IMG_0971 (1)

I really do not know where to start… so let us start here. With this picture. What does it say to you? How long did you stare at my battered breasts… or whatever the fuck you want to call these things on my chest? Did you grab your chest? Count the number of questions you have… is only one hand up?

I promise you my every intention was to make you stop through here… whoever you are. I want you to see me. I want you to stare. And I want THIS to be what you think about when you think about “Breast Cancer Awareness”.

NOW WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT LEAVE YET!

I am NOT that person. What I mean by that is this is not a “journey through cancer” blog. Fuck no. I am not knocking anyone who received this stupid diagnosis and decided to walk you all through how fucking…

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