Meeting again in another life when we are both cats – Howl Davies/Sudden Denouement

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Fabulous piece from Howl Davies who has become one of my favorite poets.

Sudden Denouement Collective

Perhaps we will meet again,
in another life,
perhaps we will come back as cats,
with nine more times to try,
pretending inevitabilities aren’t so,
that the complexities of
circumstance are merely
hexes and crystal-skull
reluctances that we can circumvent,
something that the little omniscient
man in the sky can’t always
keep an eye on, and if we can’t
do that, we’ll take his eyes
right out of the sockets,
display them on the mantle,
adorned with laurel leaves
and glow-in-the-dark
animal bones,
a prize to show how we never
needed to compromise,
nor be more wise,
that we simply needed to
be ruthless,
and take prisoners
only for ourselves.

[Howl Davies can be heard over at The Sounds Inside.]

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