woke up on the edge

of the cliff

unsteady feet

sliding on the loose gravel path

leading no where

I know that I



call for help

but my voice is hoarse

from disuse

only capable of

inaudible croaking

even if I could

calling for help

would mean admitting

that I have fallen in the hole

and cannot get up on my own

I know that I



reach out a hand

but my arms wrapped around

myself in a death grip

is all that is keeping me

from flying apart

I am slowly


sliding backwards

inch by inch

into the abyss

wondering why it is so hard

even now when the stakes are high

to say the word out loud



© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

13 thoughts on “Slipping

  1. Immensely powerful and heartbreaking at the same time. I’ve found that every now and then there are souls who will sit at the lip of that hole and wait with you…and still others that will climb down and sit with you at the bottom.

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      1. It is difficult. For some less so, not because they’re stronger but they are not plagued with some of the demons that some of us are. That doesn’t mean you are inferior or weaker, you are stronger because you have to do battle with a lot more before you even get to an even playing field with others and YET you succeed, far more than you fail (and it would be okay if you failed) and you go above and beyond what a regular non-tormented person would achieve and for that (and a bunch of other reasons) I admire the crap out of you (not literally!)

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