Tattered Heart

i am a faded, tattered


pinned to a dusty bulletin board

a thumb tack

piercing my heart

partially covered by

photographs of smiling new faces

and perky motivational sayings

only bits and pieces of me

still visible in the montage

the sentiments I carried

that you once treasured

enough to put me here

with loving hands

in a place of honor

now forgotten

why do you leave me here

hanging alone?


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


  1. My Dearest Christine!!! You are going to make it so difficult to do an impartial Back Catablog Report if Your words keep touching my heart and moving me to write from the emotion that has built up there! Come On! I’ve got a job to do!!! LOL!

    I read this poem, then listened to Your audio (So Love hearing You recite Your poems) and then went back to read it again but got frozen on Your title like a stupid kid that puts his tongue on a frozen flagpole! So I went to deposit the words “Tattered Heart” into my Word Bank and while I was waiting for my tongue to unfreeze Your little seed of inspiration bloomed into a beautiful poem for me! This is the second time Your words have done this for me!! Do You remember the first time – I got my poem “Memories in Amber” from a line in Your poem (You don’t remember? I had to look up the credit at the bottom myself) – I AM. The title to my new poem is “MY WORN AND TATTERED”. Thank You, Dear Christine for this Beautiful Father’s Day Gift – From You. You are too generous with me!!!

    As You can tell from the impact this had on me – This was an absolutely stunning tapestry of words that You wove into a deeply moving emotional portrait of what “forlorn and forgotten” feels like. With beauty and pensive melancholy images You brought us to the final feeling of abandonment felt by the “Tattered Heart” valentine. Bellissimo, Christine, Bellissimo!!

    I have a pallet each of Gold Stars and Hearts on the way so You can have a Party with Gold Star and Heart confetti!!
    So, In Love with this poem and the Soul that wrote it! Big, Big Hugs to You, My Dear! Thank You for touching my heart and leaving a beautiful gift behind!!!!
    The Reluctant Poet

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