Pilgrimage…-Eric/My Sword and Shield

Beautiful writing from Eric at My Sword and Shield….

My Sword and Shield....

the soft crunch
trod upon dead wood
an autumn wind
pins flaming waves of leaves
against ancient marble and stone

there is a reverence to this place
under steel grey clouds
the horizon speaks
of the hazy phantoms
of distant snow-covered peaks

A carrion bird barks
amid the tangled oaks
beyond this hallowed circle
where my pilgrim feet
have come to rest in exhaustion

My gnarled walking stick
slips within my grip
as I collapse to my knees
and my burden sloughs from
shoulders constructed in pain and duty

I carry no sword
or shield to this place
I have lain aside my armor
for it does me no good here
I have made this journey so many times

I know what is to come
I know when I bend my forehead
to the rich loamy soil and breathe
the first words of prayer that flow
past my lips will…

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