Night Rolls Over: S Francis of SailorPoet and Christine Ray of Brave and Reckless

A Gecko and Mouse collaboration.  Please visits Gecko at SailorPoet to read more of his amazing work.

This still, lonely hour
Removes our masks
Strips us to bone and shadow.

Angels dance naked
on moonlight laughing
underneath waterfalls.

Cold water drips
from goose pimples
invoking hidden Gods within us

We grab hold of a wing
Rip a feather from its rib
And dip it into the falls

Let icy ribbons ink our skin
Carve new features
Into the alabaster face

We focus moonlight
On dried skins
And let them catch fire

The flames that singe
Into our naked shadow
Dance like holy spirit inside

Our night rolls over
Onto its backside
Holding down the day.


16 thoughts on “Night Rolls Over: S Francis of SailorPoet and Christine Ray of Brave and Reckless

    1. Steve was very patient with me on this one. I have had a lot going on that has been distracting me and it got picked and put down many times before the magic happened and it all came together. Glad to be back on track– I love Gecko and Mouse collaborations

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      1. i love the collaborations too, they are seamless! and i totally understand being distracted, he is very focused in his writing and happy he got you back on track, enjoy your heart song Christine, its very tender through all the chaos there is clarity, you and I share more than you know about our father’s death and I feel a kinship with your writing maybe because of that.


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