Why I Suck at Physics/Barry Just Barry at Hephaestus’ Waste & Cosmic Rubble

Meet Barry Just Barry at Hephaestus’ Waste & Cosmic Rubble. I am really excited about him.   You should be too.

Hephaestus’ Waste & Cosmic Rubble

worthy-of-elegance-6723 Image source: Unsplash.com

Why I Suck at Physics

Ruefully, I inhale lavender,

knowing it’s physically impossible

to inhabit her space simultaneously.

Still, I’d be most grateful

to rebreathe her air,

exchanging molecules

like the yin-yang symbols,

with a smearing of her bird-winged light

inhabiting my darkness,

and a drizzle of my unruly dusk

dwelling upon her rising mornings.

When I wanderlust,

it isn’t always about wandering,

not the journey nor the destination,

and that last part is a lavender-laced lie

as she is the journey’s end

I crave exploring most,

the waypoint where yearning removes its coat,

unpacks, and settles in as longing unfurls,

curling into her,

straining sinew

to rewrite our laws of physics.


via Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

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10 thoughts on “Why I Suck at Physics/Barry Just Barry at Hephaestus’ Waste & Cosmic Rubble

          1. I thought I would want to virtually punch him for letting me worry so much but honestly I was relieved I just wanted to hug him. We so overwhelmed him on Facebook with enthusiastic greetings that he may have gone back into hiding!

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