Just You-S.K. Nicholas/A Journal for Damned Lovers

S.K. Nicholas doing what he does so well.

S. K. Nicholas


In the time it takes for me to kiss your lips, you turn your head and I end up kissing your cheek instead. But this won’t do, no, it won’t do at all. In a body of water, in a body of clouds, I lay my hands upon you and claim what is rightfully mine. In a burnt-out church, in an empty parking lot, you still do this to me. You still hurt. As your hips press against mine, I close my eyes and succumb to what I know will bring me down. Because against my best wishes, this is exactly what you do. You’re just a woman, just a body. An organic mess the same as the rest, and yet you and you alone have the ability to force my hand. You with September sun in the depths of winter. You with the scent of old bookstores on the collar…

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