Eulogy for a Friend (revisited)

Your death taught me

at far too young an age

the legacy left behind for survivors

of suicide

I was more than a little in love

with your beautiful cheekbones

I could spend an entire class

studying  your elegant hands

I felt that you were a kindred spirit

always outwardly so strong,

so cool

so remote

so protective of the vulnerability

that I could sense

below your surface

I tried to reach out to you

after you lost him

to the self-inflicted wounds

but my voice must have sounded

like a whisper

in a hurricane

Even after all these years

I am so very sorry

that we were not enough

to call you back from the abyss


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved






  1. Ohhhhhhhh……If only the knowledge of that legacy on others really could pull one away from the edge of the abyss! (I’ve also read that the existence of a suicide within a family predisposes someone in the family to “problem solve” in that manner. It sows seeds of helplessness to those who care moist.

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      1. Someone I love spent a weekend in a virtual coma through drink and drugs. I was there when he came round and he said ” I didn’t want to wake up”. It was rock bottom for him but it was one of the lowest times of my life too. But I have never been through what you have. I can’t even imagine…


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