Queen of Thorns-Eric/My Sword and Shield….

Amazing writing from one of my favorite writers and people on WP, Eric at My Sword and Shield…. written about another one of my favorite writers and people on WP, Candice at The Feathered Sleep. My honor and privilege to share this piece.

My Sword and Shield....

There were times
When I would sit quietly in a pool of crimson
and contemplate the visions
she shows me
other times I would run to her
With the zealous fervor of baptism
into her faith
and bearing the smooth underside
of my arms
I would show her the wounds there
gleefully adoring each and every one
When I felt
the warm trickle
and gentle drip
the taste of salt and copper in my mouth
as I held her words within
savoring the sting
resisting the rising waves
against the threshold of my tolerance
I danced a minuet with pain
a swirling masquerade of red
she owns a particular shade of sullen
and its beauty is made manifest
in the blooms which blossom
amid the bramble thicket
though I have never been afraid
to reach inside
and feel the soft touch of their petals
against my finger tips
I willingly…

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