Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge: Jayaprakash/Moon Ate My Darkness

I am really excited and pleased by the amount of submissions I received for the Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge.   I intend to post all of the submissions on Brave and Reckless.  Please give a warm welcome to this group of new and experienced writers!

It was dark. It was cold.
It was dark and cold as voids of the universe. 
It always has been, isn’t it? 
Maybe there was some light in it. Decades ago. 
All is lost now.
Until that fated day. 

The darkness ate my soul everyday. The cold made me numb Which made me who I am. 
Well, who I was. 
Darkness gave birth to hate. 
Hatred blinds the light that’s my mind shines. 
Hence the cycle begins. 

No light as far as my eyes can reach.
As I stand alone in the darkness.
The never ending darkness which drowns not only me. 
It’s the fate of everyone.
Or so I thought.

There was a glimpse.
A light so bright on the corner of my eye. 
I wonder where it come from. 
Maybe from an another world.
A world where darkness is just a scary tale.
I laughed off my optism that there is light.
A laugh which ends with a note of sadness.
But it was always there, at the corner, pulling my gaze towards it.
I for one never looked.
I rather have it as an illusion on the corner of my eye to break it with my graze.

I stumbled on something.
A sad bunny which is cowering in shame. 
How many years was it?
Wasn’t my intention to ignore,  just there was no light to take a look at.
A smile.
It wasn’t one of happiness but of support. 
I wanted to cast off that light which is smiling at me.
I have many animals, which I swore never to take look at. 
Animals which I can’t take a look at. 

I pushed and pushed.
Steadily from the corner of my eye to the back of my head.
Until the day it grabbed my hand. “I’m here to stay”.
A voice so gentle yet so strong. 
Words ringed in my ears. 
“nobody can stay here, not certainly someone like you.”.
The never ending darkness will eat your light. 
Just like it does everything.
I cried within me.
It just smiled.
Brighter than have ever before.
It smiled and said.
“I can stay,because I am your MOON” 

I’m stranding. Smiling. 
Seeking those poor animals. 
Bunny on my shoulder. It’s not ashamed anymore. 
I never have trouble finding anything. 
Because there is light everywhere.
I can see the farthest of the horizons brimming with light.
Dark clouds bloom over my head.
My gaze shifts towards a dark corner far away. 
Two cold eyes which pierces my heart. 
My smile hides.
Is this all a dream?
A glimpse of happiness until that dark corner feeds my light?
“Nein, I’m here to stay”.
A voice shouts from within me.
I smile again.
I grab my chest.
“yes, because you are my MOON” 

Love and Writing is my two eyes through which I see this world and it’s quite beautiful.
I blog at itsallaboutnothing


  1. Wow, just realized the bright light comes​ from the smile and support we offer!! The cowering bunny needed​ a helping hand, a guiding soul!! 😀 The never ending light is inside you? Right?? You push away the dark!! Your smile warms the horizon!! It’s inside you and me!! The bright light!! That blinds the dark !! 😀🙌😇 PS: just thinking out loud!! Beautiful poem!! I must say

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  2. Reblogged this on itsallaboutnothingg and commented:
    This is my submissions for the challenge. It looks amateurish and shallow, but this is the first piece I wrote which I can dare to call as poetry. I’m quiet proud that I wrote this, because It is filled with my emotions, even something I didn’t understand prior to writing this. I hope you enjoy it!

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