Head Down-S.K. Nicholas/A Journal for Damned Lovers

Many of us have stood at the edge of the abyss, considered the 13th floor window, looked over the railing at the yawning drop below. Some of us are lost, some us make it to face another day. S. K. Nicholas beautifully articulates what is brewing in the back of my mind and I reminded that I am not alone. That we are not alone.

S. K. Nicholas


A cigarette here and there. A fuck to lance away the cobwebs caused by too much indifference brought on by years of keeping it all locked within. In the corners of your mouth, I see enough shadows to drown a thousand proletarians. I see enough pain to undo a lifetime of dreams that never had the chance to flourish despite the fierce mind that conjured them. How sad it is to think of all those that are struggling, of those that are busy living a lie doing their best to smile when inside they feel as if the rug is being swept from under their feet day after day after day. I’ve stood on that rug, and I know what it’s like to feel as if you’re neither here nor there. But to rage and struggle and drown and suffer is what makes us smile when no one else is…

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