Silence Will No Longer Ring in My Ears

I will not be silent

I will not maintain the peace

I will say the ugly words

out loud and I will not flinch







Domestic Violence


Discounted simply because we are women


To find our voices as women

to speak our truth

is a revolutionary act

that says that your voice

her voice

their voices

my voice



Have weight

Deserve to be heard

Are valid


If my refusal to be silent

Makes me a bitch

A shrew

A ball-breaker

Then I will be loudest damn badass bitch that I can be


Silence leaves us to blame ourselves in isolation

Silence benefits only those who have hurt us

Silence has been the noose around my neck

The soul ache of my pent-up screams of rage

Every 13th story window I have considered walking out of


How fucked up is that?!


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



  1. Reblogged this on itsallaboutnothingg and commented:
    Christime Ray is an amazing poet. Her poems always have this scalding heat which will burn you if you are in the wrong, Illuminate if you are in the dark. This is one of them. An amazingly well written piece!! Visit her blog for some more mind stunning works.

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  2. True that keep silence and let yourself to be played and be the victim. You can only choose not to be the one. Very nicely worded and the message is clear and empowering.


    • I struggled with the decision to post your response. To be a survivor is to have lived through something traumatic, something soul changing, where you had no power through circumstance or design by something or someone external. All survivors were once victim of something out of their complete control– “played” seems like very loaded language.


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