the names I have called myself….-Dom/ BoldBeat&NipLess

I think Dom at BoldBeat&NipLess is one of the bravest women I know. Much love and respect.

Dom The Blogger

Naive… because I trusted you with my entire life… i admired you… and even more did I admire your wife because she was the epitome of perfection…so excuse me for not seeing eye to eye with you… well even if i wanted to see eye to eye i can’t…because you have forced my face into this smelly pillow… so many sick fucks in this world… i really wish you were an expecption… I am naive to think your perfect ladys pussy was enough…. Call me foolish…for dressing in clothes that fit my slinky body…. I should have covered up… I am sorry for asking for it… call me a Slut…..

I used to blame our encounter as a reason for all the sex because I didn’t act like that before… I used to tell myself it didnt matter anymore… call me a whore… for all the self inflicted pain I…

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