Where Did You Go?-1WiseWoman/A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave

This moved me to tears. Thank you 1WiseWoman– this touched me deeply.

A Wise Woman Writes

For me,  Christine and Dom

Where did you go?

Little one

With your smile as big as the sun

When did running

Change from game to survival

When did hide and seek

Become staying hidden

You were always first in line

Brave and limitless

Shouting from the top of the pines

Who hurt you?

Little one


She says, with eyes on the ground

Where she believes she belongs

Among the dirt and trash

Birthed with the seeds

Of poisonous weeds

Planted deeply in her soft heart

Cursed from the start

She has tired of running

But cannot stay

Not this way

The hurt is rooted

Pain undiluted

And every step is wrong

Remember you were so strong?

Little one

That time has gone

It was taken without permission

By the ones who proclaimed true love

In the shape of fists and shoves

And whispers behind closed doors

Stolen away…

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  1. Excellent poetry, agreed. I mull over the idea of collecting a set of these posts you share to reflect on resiliency and empowerment. Thank you for leading us to these voices – they make our humanness more better.

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  2. Just going back to your comment re this poem being recorded: I shared this clip on 1WiseWoman’s post of this poem too (maybe to encourage her to record), and hoped you saw it, but here it is- have you heard of Kate Tempest? She did this live on TV in Australia about a year ago, and nearly melted our internet for the next 48 hours: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/video/2016/may/17/poet-kate-tempests-powerful-performance-on-qa-video

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