22 thoughts on “Where Did You Go?-1WiseWoman/A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave

  1. Excellent poetry, agreed. I mull over the idea of collecting a set of these posts you share to reflect on resiliency and empowerment. Thank you for leading us to these voices – they make our humanness more better.

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  2. Just going back to your comment re this poem being recorded: I shared this clip on 1WiseWoman’s post of this poem too (maybe to encourage her to record), and hoped you saw it, but here it is- have you heard of Kate Tempest? She did this live on TV in Australia about a year ago, and nearly melted our internet for the next 48 hours: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/video/2016/may/17/poet-kate-tempests-powerful-performance-on-qa-video

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