The breeze carries the whisper

of my name

an unknown voice of longing

calling me from slumbers

beckoning me

into unfamiliar dreamscapes


I cannot help

but answer

this forlorn appeal

that echos

soul to soul

heart to heart


I become a wanderer

through this uncharted night

I move as if

in a fever dream

Alice in a Wonderland

destination unknown


Drawn further

and further

from my safe

familiar resting place

knowing only

that I am helpless

to resist your aching need


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Image by Christian Schloe


  1. Funny… first of all… digging this… second, I feel this is spiritual kin to my song of the week post today. Sort of speaking to myself as I set out on this journey into a destination unknown. Cool, that, eh, Mouse?

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      1. Lol. Yes, but it isn’t that you are shouting, as it is that you are a presence in the room that stops people in their self-absorbed tracks. So it sounds like shouting when they are listening to their own soundtrack.

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      2. I am very self-conscious of not wanting other people to feel like I am eating all the oxygen or drowning out their voices. I try consciously to give other voices room to breathe but I can get a little. . . overexcited.

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      3. Oh goodness, my friend, let me tell you what I think is happening… you speak with a voice that gets people out of their fucking heads, wakes them up, and resets the room. What you do is put oxygen BACK IN THE ROOM that was getting sucked out by all the inwards moans and gasps of people not paying attention to the world, the ideas, the thoughts, the others needing to be heard.
        You my friend, are someone we need in the room to get us all to respect our own voices.
        And wake us up.
        so we can hear our own authentic voices.

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