4th Place in the Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge: Hillside, Moon Rising/Imelza

My guest judges and I have read an incredible amount of innovative, diverse and thought provoking entries in the Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge.  First we will announce the 4th place winners, which was split in a three-way tie.

I lie on the hill

Watching the last rays of sun

Slip behind the trees.

Bringing the day to an end,

A breeze stirs the evening air.


A white airplane stream

Fans across dim twilight sky,

Lit brightly beneath

By the day’s remaining strength.

Dusk claims rightful ownership


As night sweeps over

The windswept hill cools quickly

And the summer day

Is forgotten as warmth flees.

Hard won hope turns grey, as mist


Rolls up the hillside,

Leaves dew on the meadow grass.

A moth flies o’erhead.

The midges are out in force

And the stars gleam faint above.


Sit up, back damp from

Long grass, twig dug in my spine.

No sight in the dark

To light my way through the woods.

Panic rises, overwhelms.


Glimmer in dark as

Unravelled, the ghostly Moon

Ate the Dark and my

Way was lit to guide me home

Before dawn teased the sky.

Imelza is a 30-something woman, taking some time to relearn how to express herself on the page. Secretly feisty, not so secretly feminist. Normally she just lets words flow, but for this challenge, decided to choose a form and stick within rigid boundaries.

She blogs at Imelza Writes



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