Girls Aren’t For Beating-Rachel Finch/Bruised But Not Broken

Bruised But Not Broken

I take rejection like a winner, spit the blood

from my mouth when you’ve finished

pounding childhood

trauma into my lungs, smile through the bruises,

keep your secrets in my throat, along with your name.

I won’t speak you into existence.

My body tapped out but my Spirit’s in the ring, I won’t go down.

Fists don’t need words to speak, shades of you staining my cheekbone, a child’s signature.

Numb, I am transparent.

Still, you never knew when to stop. I used to watch the bubbles of anger form on your lips and think maybe if he kissed me this wouldn’t hurt.

I was underdeveloped, rage, half your size and yet it was you who hurt.

Tears falling from your eyes, a little voice in my chest screaming I know and I couldn’t silence her.

I swallowed your shame and stomached it better than you could. I want to…

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      1. She really is. I think we should talk about a special room at the GDG that supports and offers a safe place to promote the powerful artists expressing their recovery…

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