Bone and Ink

There is fire within

that smolders


I am Phoenix

ready to incinerate

yesterday’s version of me

I shed my singed feathers

like cherry blossom petals

that flutter to the ground

resemble bloody snow

I strip myself bare

buzz the hair off my head

hone myself to bone and ink

and haunting eyes that grew old before their time

that have never learned to unsee


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

19 thoughts on “Bone and Ink

      1. I hit 55 in August Christine and am having the same thoughts about connecting with my true self. The poetry helps, but it can be difficult breaking down some of the walls that have been in place for many years.

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      2. I feel like I spent a lot of years trying to conform to other people’s picture of who I am and that now that I am trying to integrate these two Christines, folks who have known me for the last ten or twenty years can’t get used to this person, who feels like a stranger.

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      3. It is difficult Christine. We reach a point where we have to stop conforming and follow our own journeys. People fall by the wayside but there is always poetry 🙂

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  1. This piece is intense. I love how it shows the rebirth. I believe everyone has a point in their lives where they cast away all the things that just aren’t important as they used to be. They begin to invest in relationships and people instead of material possessions. Some people are very blessed to learn this at an early age, and some don’t learn until later in life, but everyone learns it at one point.

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