Welcome to the Go Dog Go Café

What is the Go Dog Go Café you ask?

It’s a very friendly place filled with warm, talented and inspiring people. The Go Dog Go Café is accessible to anyone who wants to be part of building a healthy and supportive writing community. It’s the inception of S Francis the Sailorpoet and has attracted many like-minded souls as we journey together writing and finding our voice in the world.

The values of support, inclusiveness, and living as our true selves have captured the imagination of a loose group of WP friends and sometimes collaborators and inspired them to create a virtual Cafe on WordPress to serve as a place where all writers are welcome, collaboration is encouraged and you can pull up a chair  and enjoy what is on the menu today.  We hope you’ll stop by.

Your Baristas,

S. Francis (SailorPoet)

Amanda (Mandibelle16)

Christine (Brave and Reckless)

Chuck (The Reluctant Poet)

Davy (Inside the Mind of Davy D)

Gina (Singledust)

Sangbad (Thoughts of Words) and

Vanessa (Say No to Clowns)

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