Voices of Survival

When I started Brave and Reckless back in October of 2016, one of my first decisions was to write bravely and recklessly about my history of trauma, my ongoing struggles with PTSD and depression, and my journey to a stronger, more integrated self.  In essence, to value my truths over other people’s comfort, which I spent far too long doing earlier in my life.

Over the months I have hosted and reblogged many inspiring and powerful pieces from other “voices of survival” as I have come to think of them and have done my best to promote those voices when I find them.  As time goes by, and Brave and Reckless grows, I have started wondering if it is time to create a new unique space on WordPress to house and put a spotlight on some of the amazing voices I have encountered here, women and men who are survivors of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and other types of trauma or who are living with mental illness.

My dear friend S Francis of SailorPoet and I had originally considered making this part of the Go Dog Go Café, but I think that there are enough voices that its own unique site operating under the same values of support, respect and inclusion as the Go Dog Go community.

If you have interested in sharing your voice of survival or in being a regular follower of such powerful, deeply human and deeply moving writing, please let me know below or reach out to me by email at christine.e.ray@gmail.com  I have meet many warriors on WordPress fighting their daily demons and I believe there need to be a space where can rest our heads when the battles are bloody and share our successes, which are many.

Peace and Light,


Brave and Reckless


40 thoughts on “Voices of Survival

      1. I know and feel the same. There is so much talent and kindness here that restores my faith in humanity and serves as an inspiration about the human spirit. Still, thank you for showcasing those beautiful people and being an additional voice in their journey. People like you, allowing to embrace each other make all,the difference.

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      1. Thank you. I am approaching this with great love and respect. I am in awe of the strength, resiliency and creativity of survivors. We should celebrate this. We should inspire others. Give voice to voiceless. Help them find their rebel yells. Okay– got a little carried away there for a moment!

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