Challenge: write about a life experience using only ten objects.  This is about my life as social worker at Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (EPPI) in the 1990s

Skeleton keys

Locked doors

Institutional green walls


Psychosocial assessments

Biting teeth

Shoes covered in ink


Bomb shelter

Bullet through glass

24 thoughts on “Asylum

  1. Wow I love this challenge, really gets you thinking about what defines you, your job, your priorities. those things you wrote, did you just write without thinking or gave it serious thought? I am curious!

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        1. I worked there for six years– it left quite an impression. I spent a year interning in a large prison. That would be an interesting piece to capture. No keys. Stuck between doors waiting for someone an another side of a camera to let me in. Got stuck between doors once during an “incident”

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          1. Oh gosh! That must have been very spine chilling. Being in that sort of situation prepares you for anything later on. When I worked Emergency Room medicine and was on call at night I saw things even movies have never shown. not to dilute your story but part of my attachment was to assist the doctor at a prison hanging. It scars you for life, never forget, unable to forget. remember we spoke about ghosts? well this was some of those times.


      1. You’re always an inspiration! I worked at a convalescent when I lived in NC, it was an experience both good and bad. Everyday you showed up at work to find out that someone had died. It certainly wasn’t easy in that respect, but I loved the people. It really changed me in a good way.


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