At the Movies

I took my first Creative Writing class this past Spring.  One of our topics was concise expression.  One fun in-class assignments was to rewrite a famous book or movie in two sentences.  They were not supposed to be summaries but I was really challenged by this assignment.

The Graduate:

Life after college sucks.  I advise against having sex with your girlfriend’s mother

Star Wars:

He wanted off his dreary planet desperately.  He answers when opportunity knocks and discovers himself the hero.

Romeo and Juliet:

A love so sweet, so passionate,  so star-crossed.  Who thought it would end so badly?

Pride and Prejudice:

Her pride was hurt by his assessment of her looks and suitability; she was prejudiced against him.  Fortunately, they got over themselves.


  1. I have to ask… you took your first creative writing class this past spring?????😲 and yet you gave us gold way before that 😲 you are truly a gifted, Gifted writer 😄😄😄 part of me is so envious. I wish I could write with such reckless abandon 😄 love your work😀.
    Ps: I love these 2 liners. They perfectly describe each book 😉😂

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  2. Wow, this sounds like an awesome exercise… sheesh… I’m itching to do this myself right now, haha! I love this idea! And your take on it, of course, as with everything else that you do, but the idea of this just really appeals to me! Hope you had fun doing it for the class, even if it was challenging 😀

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