My right foot and I

are on the outs


I keep telling it

what I want it to do

but sometimes it just sits there


It looks like my right foot

it feels like my right foot

but it’s as if it has forgotten

what it means to be foot

forgotten what it means

to coordinate with leg


My left foot is irritated

by the extra work

My left hand is suspicious

says my right foot must be an imposter

thinks we shouldn’t trust it

calls it faux foot

My right hand is quiet


under the circumstances

It is weak

Losing its grip


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


    1. Three MRIs, a CAT scan and countless tubes of blood later, my doctor’s are calling a medical enigma. Looks MS, acts like MS but no lesions and demyeliation visible on imaging. You have my empathy. I have had any number of sensations down my right leg including burning, itching, excruciating numbness, the sensation of water running down my leg. Not fun.

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      1. No fun at all. It took them over a month of me being in the hospital for them to land on a diagnosis. All the tests, being poked and prodded – you lose all expectation of privacy. I am so sorry you experienced that.


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