Survivor… as Fuck/Dom

I truly cannot express what an honor it has been to launch Blood Into Ink with Kindra Austin, Aurora Phoenix, 1Wise-Woman, Rachel Finch and Jessica Boyles. Today Dom at Bold,Beat&Nipless joins us a curator.


    1. Indeed! Dom was one of the first people I thought of but it took us a couple of days to connect and get her set up. I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica in person this week. I still am hoping that we will be able to have more curators join us, including some men but so far none have identified themselves as survivors.

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      1. I wonder if it is a different but equally hard cultural barrier for men to cross. If we can find some, help them break down those barriers, what I see as one of the real importance of this work.

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      1. Yup had to. By the way, it was such a great post. To be able to write such a piece despite the pain she has endured, is already a masterpiece into itself.

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