Video Spotlight: LBGTQAlphabet

I am in love with this video by Equinox.  You may fall in love with it too.

I am a pansexual woman. This means that I am romantically and sexually attracted to people, not genders.  Being married to a man doesn’t make me straight, just monogamous. Its Pride month and I choose not to be invisible.


  1. Isn’t it great!? I did read comments from Asexual people that they felt ‘erased’ though because the A was given to ‘allies’, not to Asexuals… but then the pretty colours, hot bodies, & proud, visible, funky folk seduced me again immediately into loving it again 🌈😍
    Good on you Christine, for sharing it, & sharing your Self ♥️ G xo


  2. Fantastic. So much positive energy in this. The concept of closeted is so complex. I think even straight people can be deeply closeted and also believe that the closet holds many people who are there not because of any sexual reason, but because an essential part of who they are goes unnoticed or unloved or ignored. They feel invisible as who they are and so end up in a closet. In many, many respects this is what the GDG is for me. A place for those people to go, people who identify as something that they are afraid to share or feel unwelcome being in their lives. It doesn’t have to be a sexuality thing, but it could. It needs to be a place for people to be whole, to be a poet when the environment they have doesn’t hear them singing, a place to write sensual words when there is numbness in the routine. And so on. This is also why I want to be associated with Blood Into Ink. Survivors should not feel shame, but should have a place in our world, a community to speak and be supported. Being Out, being whole involves an alphabet that cannot possible contain enough letters. I am grateful for this post.

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      1. I was going to write a more sarcastic comment, and then thought blunt… but in the end… you are just fucking amazing as a writer so, you will have to learn to manage.


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