Brave and Reckless Writing Challenge: Life experience captured in 10 objects Gina/Singledust


Challenge: write about a life experience using only ten objects.  This is about my life working in cancer treatment for over a quarter of a century, things that I see and my patients see too.

I am expanding a little from Christine’s original as these may seem insignificant things but they matter the most.

tears – mine, theirs, ours

a smile – starts with mine

two pairs of hands – his and hers intertwined

loud machinery – it devastates

cold room – but warm people

warm hands – mine!

balloons – graduation day!

lead door – I am alone

soft music – we are just outside

a straight back – survivors all of us

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  1. thank you for creating the challenge and encouraging so many to come forward with their thoughts, I am blessed to be part of this and reading the responses has been so soul satisfying this morning on the equator.

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