Daily Battles

Edges of my soul

Feel raw


Torn roughly


Like junk mail on recycling day


There are moments



Undefined hunger

Are piercing arrows

Penetrating my heart

Expanding on contact

Removal threatening hemorrhage





Heavy, thick

Like amber honey

Coating surfaces

Seeping into crevices


Trapping me in my own chaotic head

No comfort here




At seeking sanctuary

Stubborn, prickly pride

More sharp edges than a porcupine

Used to going it alone

Convinced this burden is mine to bear alone


The weight  of this depression

Bends my back

Buckles my knees

I fight to keep standing

Harden the steel in my spine

Call on the fire in my belly

Marshall my troops

But I am so very tired

Weary to my core


I must take respite for a moment

Before picking myself up

To continue this war


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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