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Blood Into Ink

What is Blood into Ink? It is a safe space for survivors of abuse and related trauma to share their experiences, yes. But I feel it necessary to invite those of you who love and supply emotional support to a survivor to read our blog, and express yourselves, too. Because abuse/trauma often does bleed into relationships outside of the Hell House.

If you are interested in submitting to Blood into Ink, you may do so here.



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8 thoughts on “Blood into Ink: Submissions

    1. Thank you my love. I understand where you were coming from. It is incredible fierce, beautiful writing there. I am hoping that we will break the barrier and get some contributions from men. It is truly an inclusive, safe, respectful place.

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      1. Well okay since you put it like that you win! (Great image). I’d love to be part of your harnessing my sister, please know that I support you and believe in you I know that may not be worth much but I truly do Christine.

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