My Heart is a Mystery That Remains Unsolved

How many hours of my life

have been spent looking out moving windows?

Gazing out at sea’s horizon

feet planted in cool sand

feeling the vastness of it all?

So much time across the decades

engaged in trying to see beyond this mundane world

searching for hidden realms

signs of the divine

secrets of my own heart

Fingertips brushing the static electricity

edges of truth just beyond my reach but

never quite understanding the physics

of stepping from here

to there


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


  1. A vast universe in between here and there, isn’t there? For me, the ‘folding’ of space-time like a ribbon or accordion bellows helps me to visualize my own path and even longings of the heart. There are usually portals and short-cuts, or long, bending curves that make me feel left behind but I get to see more of life, and sometimes the path is straight and narrow. Anyway, your contemplation is inspiring, and i do know that it is a worthy cause to follow the heart, even if we’ll never comprehend it.

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