Scent of Jasmine

Your curves call me

From across the room

Begging my palms

To travel languidly

Across your terrain


Your scent is jasmine

Filling my nose, my brain

Reminding me that you are

An exotic garden

Waiting to be explored


Your hair cascades

Down your back

I want to bury my nose

And hands into it


Your coffee with cream skin

Feels like a bolt of the finest

Silk, flowing like a waterfall

Against my fingertips


Your eyes, deep brown

With flecks of gold

Hold warmth and invitation

Bring me into your orbit


Your mouth whispers for me

To come closer, ever closer

And taste your bee-stung lips

And press my womanly curves to yours


Before the night grows cold


  1. And I breathe a deeps sigh as I think about all the things I love about New Orleans…and Jasmine and coffee and cream skin is definitely on that list. This is breathtakingly beautiful, Christine. love it.

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