Subway, Study in Black

I sit motionless

among strangers

surrounded by steel and glass

united in suspended animation

in moving darkness

we hurtle down midnight tunnels

glow of small screens

casting distorted shadows

across random faces

speeding  by safety lights

that stutter through the car

lending surreal

nightmarish cast

to silent assembly



  1. The reason this is perfect is because …
    it makes me upon reading it, feel so keenly that I were the person sitting next to you and knowing what you felt reach out and begin to talk and in a short time we would know one another and in a long time we would love one another and those artifices and truths, the emptiness and the void would be forever lost to us both.
    That’s why this is brilliant because it absolutely forces the reader into this feeling and few writing achieves that level of viseral urge.

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  2. I agree with TheFeatheredSleep. You words evoke sensations many feel sitting next to a stranger in a speeding bullet. I’m a New Yorker, and hate the subway and avoid it if I can for a bus or a taxi ride. 🙂 Thank you for the Post.

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