Brave Enough

Are you brave enough

to love the suicide girl

pierced with silver

dressed in black ink

whose vanity

was shorn off with her hair?

Are you strong enough to drive away

the wolves who worry her door?

Can your words drown out

their mournful howls

calling out to her feral heart?

Are you ready for the demons

who come with black roses

during long dark nights of her soul

whispering their ugly lies

poking her deepest fears with their dirty nails

wooing her to the razor sharp edge?

Or are you just another would-be lover

who tasted death on her tongue

the blood in her tears

and ran?

Image courtesy of Pinterest

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


  1. Wow. Beautiful! It’s true that it takes a lot of courage, sensitivity and sensibility to understand and subsequently love a person with a difficult past for the long haul. Such beautiful souls need to be recognised! It requires mettle, at both ends of this relationship.

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  2. If you love someone now, you can’t be afraid of their past, because whatever happened has made them into the person you love. Embrace it, and don’t run away. Because they can’t run away from it. Sit with them instead, and hold their hand.

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  3. Beautifully written. Very simple, the people with such difficult personality can only realize love when they come in contact by people who are open- hearted, who love unconditionally


    1. I think that all of us need and deserve unconditional love. I think that for those of us that have survived neglect, abuse, sexual assault, and/or mental illness, unconditional love also needs to be paired with courage, insight and persistence. But then again, maybe love that lasts always requires that.

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