Scorched Earth

Blood Into Ink

Strong emotion of any kind

was not viewed favorably when I was growing up

My mother

my grandmother

my aunts

my uncles

my cousins

my teachers

the parish priest

made clear to me

that I was

Too opinionated

Too smart

Too questioning

Too challenging

Too sarcastic

Too me

I would always sigh and think to myself

I was told not to be angry

about this

or that

or the other thing

The list of things that it was acceptable to be angry about

was a very short  list

My whole childhood I was taught

that my anger

my rage

was a fearsome thing

that must be contained at all times

When it erupted

with teeth

and fire

in my adolescence

I was reminded again that it was to be subdued

wrestled back into its cage

kept under strict lock and key

I couldn’t quite decide if they thought I needed


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