The last ten months have been one of the hardest periods of my life while also being one of the most transformative.  I have been struggling to pull myself out of one of the worst depressions of my life while also dealing with sometimes frightening and always frustrating (and as of yet undiagnosed)  neurological problems that have left me feeling betrayed by my own body.  At the same time, I have rediscovered my passion for writing, met countless wonderful, supportive writers and really found my voice.

I started Brave and Reckless with very modest ambitions and have been amazed by the ways the site has grown and changed and how in turn, it has helped me grow and change. B & R has become so much more to me than just the place where I post my writing.  It has truly evolved into something I am proud of and honored to serve as custodian of.  I am blown away by the amount of encouragement, support, and friendship that is offered here—not just to me, but also to the writers that I reblog, my guests and everyone who takes on the challenge of my quirky writing prompts.  I love the creative energy that radiates here as well as the light and human kindness that shines through.  You are an extraordinary community.  Please know that it touches me deeply that with all the other things vying for attention in your life that you choose to spend time here.  You are a gift.


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