Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge- More Than Breath And Bones/Jerennazuto

“Damn it!” he shouted.
“One step! It could have been over for me,” he thought to himself.
“Hey, Are you okay?” she shouts from above.
Just the voice reach him from beyond the mist. God knows how far ahead she is!
“Yeah, Yeah!” he replies tired and irritated.
He knew it was a bad idea. To kill the dragon? Who has wishes like that? He
certainly know one. It’s too late anyway. He is climbing that steep hill for what
seems like eternity. His legs have gone numb already, as if they don’t exist. His
hands bruised and nicked all over. The heavy fire plate armor is not helping at all!
“Here!” the rope smacks his head before her voice reach him.
“Ah!” he shouts in pain barely grabbing the rope.
“She could at least warn me. Why did I marry her in the first place anyway?, Ah!
Yes,the damned love!” he mumbles while pulling himself up. There’s a faint smile
peeks from behind all the tiredness and irritation.
She sat there, on the top of the hill. It’s a very wide tip for a hill, as steep as this. A
small family could live here. She could. Would. She smiles wickedly. She have a idea
what to ask for her next birthday.
“Are you okay, honey?” she calls to him.
There was a brief pause. It seemed like the spinning earth, moving wind and the
roaring dragon decided to take a break and not make a sound. She grew scared,
million thoughts filling her head, she scurry over to the edge, little less carefully, “I
knew I shouldn’t have asked him to come with me. He is not used to these things.”
her mind blame her as her eyes search for him. Mist is doing a pretty good job,
There’s nothing but a white canvas down there.
“Honey? Please answer me. Are you okay?” her hope dwindles with every word.
“Should I climb or talk?” his sarcastic voice reach her and brings back the sense of
peace along with all the noises.
It seemed like the world stopped for a second and started spinning again. She lay
near the ledge fixing her eyes in the direction of the voice.
“Here!” she offers him her hand and pull him on to the top.
“Thank you!” he barely get the words out between the panting and coughing.
He finally pull himself together and take a deep breath, “Well shit! I can’t believe we
just climbed the highest peak in all of lands, we are the third right?”
She looks away silently.
“Uhm honey? People have climbed this thing before right?” he asks once again, his
eyes wide in shock with the sudden onset of betrayal and panic and thousand other
not so nice things.
“Well, it’s getting late, we should get ready to slay the dragon,” she gets up and
walks towards the cave entrance.
“No, you didn’t, Did you just make me climb the highest peak no one has ever
climbed?” his face glows bright red.
She stops on her track, “Uhm yes, please don’t be mad,” She turn to face him, one
more word from him could make her cry for hours.
He gets up, “Mad? I’m furious.”
She shakes in fear of hurting him, as he walks towards her.
“That you didn’t tell me this sooner, but you know what? This is why I love you,” he
hugs her very tightly.
“For lying to you?” she asks sarcastically.
“No dummy, for being brave and following your dreams no matter what, “ he plants
a kiss on her lips gently, “and for taking me with you on every adventure.”
She smiles with happiness and kiss his lips.
“All things considered, it doesn’t hurt to be the first man to ever climb this
monstrosity of a mountain,” he kisses her lips again, “and kill a dragon!”
“Honey!” she giggles, “Let’s do what we came here to do.”
“Yes!, let’s kill that dragon and collect it’s breath and bones!”.
“Not this again! I’m so much more than breath and bones, you know!” a dragon
standing near the cave entrance, sighed, before drawing it’s full breath to shower
fire upon them.
“Well Shit!” they say in unison smiling.

An amateur at life and writing who wants to learn both in a fun way, hence the blog and the passion of love and writing.

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