Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge: I am more than breath and bones/Dorian

I am more than breath and bones
that only walks this earthly realm
I am the spirit of ancients
infinite being experiencing life
traveling only in my mind
across the river of eternity,
I am here to learn, to love
to make myself feel
what otherwise i can not.
I am here to know limits
to find out what it means to be alive
I am only a speck of dust
in this body of breath and bones
an insignificant moment
of my everlasting life.
I am only here in my thoughts
multidimensional being

life within a life.

My name is Dorian. I am from Republic of Croatia and i enjoy writing poetry. I am a spiritual being writing words of truth through poetry, I have no previous publications, no previous writing experience but in my opinion i think that doesn’t mean anything. I think i have ability to write just as any other poet, famous or not. I would really like to hear from you and to read your precious feedback. Thank you. Here is the link of my blog where i post my work:


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