Swimming hard against the current

running barefoot in wet sand

legs straining



always moving

afraid to stop

to breathe

What demons will catch up with me

grasp my shoulder roughly

with taloned claws

if I chance a rest?

Is the real danger

true threat

from without

or within?

Pangs of melancholy like sleet on exposed skin

descend quickly when I invite silence

invite stillness

Clutch my heart with empty hands

try to protect the delicate tissue

from stabbing pain

of senseless longing

for a past I never had

future selves I will never be


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


  1. Befriend that inner demon. It is a part of you and you need to be whole. Then you can negotiate terms and conditions rather than be at war. Remember, YOU are the musher and your inner demons are just a part of your team.

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