Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge: Endless Night/Kristen Ricketts

The lights from the house shined brightly against the ominous night sky. This place that once encompassed so much happiness now keeps me anchored to these grounds. Barely more than breath and bones, I am like an echo between planes; not much more than a whisper in the wind.

Below my feet the leaves that fell overnight no longer crumble under my weight. I am a remnant of the person that I once was, destined to live eternity in endless solitude. The scent of jasmine hangs on the breeze; another reminder of all of that has been lost. The grass has finally started to grow on the haphazardly dug grave below the weeping willow, covering what lies beneath the muddy soil. I can feel the decomposition beginning on my body, a web of secrets entwining me with the earth.

Around me, the night begins to come alive with nocturnal creatures. These beings the only living things that can sense my presence. For now, I will take solace in their company until the day comes when I can find a way to move on from this place and forget all that keeps me here.

I’m am a beginning blogger and writer with a goal to become a published fiction author. I enjoy reading, travel, and writing. My other hobbies include being an avid hockey fan, spending time with my husband and cat, and watching movies.

 You can find my blog at It Happened While Writing 

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